Malta Stories

Fastly becoming one of the most recognized countries around the world, Malta boasts an exceptionally rich history with long-held traditions that are still very much present in its culture, while also serving as a crossroad to different populations and languages.

The community who inhabits this small island at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea has strong values and an even stronger resilience.

We showcase the achievements of these individuals and their influence in uplifting Malta in the modern age through a series of portraits by Professor Paolo Tosti, an Italian professional photographer and the founder of the Terracomunica project.

At AQA Capital we believe that the series of Professor Tosti’s powerful photographs will strengthen the world’s awareness of Malta and the contributions its people have to offer in both values and skills.

At AQA Capital we believe that this project demonstrate to the Maltese people how much their country is important across the world.


MALTA STORIES consists of the exhibition of about twenty [20] Maltese visionaries (artists, economists, entrepreneurs) that have facilitated the growth of Malta in the global spotlight, thus contributing to the future of the island.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a web page that will take the viewer “inside” of the photograph.

A card will also be available for the user to learn about the achievements of the subject that have made them such a staple in the progression of the Maltese consciousness.

This project has been inserted into the calendar of Valletta 2018, capital of European culture and at this point in Malta’s history, we believe that MALTA STORIES is a perfect communication project with the ability to put people and human experience at the center of the stage.

The people photographed for this event continue to excel at representing Malta as a contributing member of the world; from the top members of society to the everyday Maltese fisherman or farmer, these citizens are contributing to the progression of this island.

The future of this nation can only be realized when individuals work together to promote each other’s progress.

The Paolo Tosti is to promote Malta as a role-model for other countries and as a nation which excels thanks to its great community.