People who have transformed the passion for their land in a trade, handing down their doing and the history of their places through generations.  They are people living there and telling about their places, with their ideas, their vision and their actions. People drawn together by a land, with its history, its traditions and its folklore. A place they bring with them, wherever they go.

Each person is part of the cultural heritage of its own territory and everyone contributes with its own doing to become Communicator of that place. Discovering the history of each region, since the birth of the folklore and traditions right up to the present day, I can see each person as a small part of a larger story.

Everyone enjoys, within the history of the place, a certain amount of space and time.

This space, this “gift” is what identifies and establishes every person in that territory and its history, giving to everyone the opportunity to interact with the surrounding environment. Everyone’s territorial reality, whatever big or small, needs to be protected. Through the project “people at the center of doing” I talk about people who chose to become witnesses of their own land, creating a business that represents the culture and the tradition of a place.

I try to collect and convey these people’s message through their doing, never forgetting the deep bond that connects them to their territory.